What materials are used for the combined container house?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-15
There are a total of 10 cm thick floor under the Wellcamp container.html' target='_blank'>container house, with a concrete cushion of 8 cm at the bottom and a cement mortar floor of 2 cm and a square steel pipe column of 6 cm fixed on it, the pillars are connected to form the whole roof truss, and then the galvanized color steel plate is fixed on the roof truss with bolts. Galvanized color steel plate is 80mm thick and 0 on both sides. The 4mm galvanized steel plate is made of foam-like polystyrene material in the middle. The steel plate is waterproof, fireproof and durable. The polystyrene material is insulated, warm and light. Color steel plates are fastened to each other. Every nine sets of board houses are designed with a water intake room and a kitchen. The house is the same size as the residents' house. About 15 taps are installed in the water intake room, and the kitchen stove has been built during construction, it can put 6 or 7 cookers on it, basically allowing nine families to cook at the same time. During the construction, a sewer pipe with a diameter of 200 has been laid underground, the water outlets of the kitchen and the water intake room have been connected, and no sewage will be stored in the whole resettlement site. This kind of container house has strong earthquake resistance and uses 3-After 5 years, it can be disassembled and reused. At present, our construction site in an county has to install hundreds of such container houses every day. On the ruins after the earthquake, these brand-new houses have become warm new homes for the affected people.
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