What is the system of living containers?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-04-12
Residential containers mainly adopt light steel structure system, and the wall surface is covered with composite sandwich wallboard. All the wallboards and accessories of the living container can be folded and packed, and the installation is simple and suitable for long-distance transportation and export shipping. Can be assembled in any number, the room type is self-defined. Can't afford a house in the city center? At present, a kind of affordable containers for people living in the suburbs of many cities appear. Compared with our concrete buildings, the containers in the suburbs seem to be more popular. There are many types of containers now, which are widely used in construction sites, gate posts, classrooms, activity booths, activity villas, on-site temporary facilities, etc. Is it unsafe to live in Wellcamp containers? Various data prove that its advantages are very obvious. The appearance is beautiful and elegant, the design is novel, exquisite and elegant, the energy conservation and environmental protection, the heat preservation performance is good, the winter is warm and the summer is cool, the anti-seismic wind is comfortable and warm, and the design and installation are carried out according to the customer's requirements, it has strong stability and long service life. For those workers who have lived in the construction site for a long time, moving is a big trouble for them. At this time, the form of living containers was born and was soon favored by everyone. Residential containers are not disposable products, combining the advantages of the House and itself. Moreover, it can be recycled, no construction waste will be generated in the process of use, and the use time is as long as ten years, and most of them adopt waterproof design. Its roof, floor, roof and circuit system are all prefabricated by factories, making the on-site installation more convenient and quick. The steel structure system enables the house to have super strong resistance to strong winds; The lightweight structure enables it to show high quality integrity when encountering high-strength earthquake disasters.
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