What is the standard for building container movable houses?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-28
The container mobile House used on the construction site must meet the requirements of strength and stability, ensure structural safety, and have the ability to defend against strong typhoons, heavy rains, snow and lightning strikes. At the same time, it should meet the requirements of civilized health, fire protection, environmental protection and use function. According to the requirements of relevant laws, regulations and rules and regulations in our country, enterprise standards will be put on record, which can completely ensure the quality and safety of movable plank houses in disaster areas. Due to special reasons, it is necessary to set up a double-deck container movable house, which must conform to the load code for building structures GB50009-2001, and the length shall not exceed 22 m (6 rooms). At the same time, according to the actual situation, embedded foot bolts (Steel) Connect the wall pillars equally, and fix the Wellcamp container movable house as a whole with steel pipes to reinforce the movable house. The erection plan shall be formulated for the erection of double-deck movable houses. The scheme shall be signed and approved by the technical director of the user Unit and the installation unit, and reported to the local construction safety supervision station for the record. Dajiang Dahe (Lake)Edge, wilderness area is strictly prohibited erection double activity room. In principle, only one-storey container movable houses for work and life are allowed to be erected, and the length shall not exceed 30 meters (8 rooms)The number of people in each dormitory shall not exceed 8. Fire fighting equipment that meets the fire fighting requirements shall be equipped beside the movable house. The size of the container mobile House is the data describing the size of the container mobile House. Since the container mobile house is built on the basis of the container, its size is similar to that of the container, with 20 sizes and 40 sizes. Therefore, the container mobile house also has the difference between the outer size and the inner size. The outer size is the larger length, width and height of the container outside the container.
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