What is the difference between the internal structure of Container rental houses?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-23
Wellcamp container rental houses are generally spliced, so it has its own characteristics. If you dress up well, you can see how good it is, reasonable arrangement of planning makes its internal structure will bring different effects, so as long as the quality of the container rental house is guaranteed, its design is carried out according to your wishes. In terms of use, because the container rental house is a spliced House, it is more convenient to move, so if you need to move, it is particularly easy, you can disassemble each box to move, there is no need to move out the home facilities inside. It is also very advantageous in environmental protection. It can be recycled, so it is recognized in terms of cost and environment. In the field of temporary housing, movable plank house is a widely used building with a high market share. However, in recent years, many problems have also been exposed to such a movable plank house. For example, in terms of safety, fire accidents often occur in movable plank houses. This also makes the relevant governments pay special attention to the selection of movable houses and the construction. The selection of Container rental housing is mainly color steel plate, and among the types of color steel plates, there are foam color steel plates that are easy to burn and rock wool color steel plates that are flame retardant. From a safety point of view, it is suggested to use materials with flame retardant effect when using movable plank houses. For example, the construction area of rock wool color steel plate houses should not be too high, up to two floors, between movable plank houses, there must be a certain distance between them. The interior should be equipped with relevant fire fighting facilities, etc.
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