What is the ability of mobile living container mobile houses to keep out the cold?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-15
For us, the house is a home, which can be used to shelter from the wind and rain and keep warm and cool. Cold air is frequent in winter in our country, but our traditional house cannot meet the need of heat preservation, people who do not have central heating have a stove to keep out the cold and survive this long winter. However, the emergence of Wellcamp living container mobile houses has solved this problem and made winter no longer cold. All these problems are because our traditional houses are not insulated and we need additional heating facilities. At present, some areas try to stick thermal insulation layer on the external wall. Although this can solve the problem of partial thermal insulation, it is still not perfect. The house that has been transformed in this way still lacks safety as the traditional brick-concrete structure House, does not have seismic performance. Is there a house that is both insulated and earthquake-resistant? Of course, this is the living container that has been widely used in foreign developed countries for many years. Living containers have excellent performance, but many consumers can't afford it because of the high cost before, so they haven't been popularized in large areas. However, today's situation has changed. With the development of China's manufacturing industry and the popularization of the network, the price of light steel houses is almost the same as that of traditional brick-concrete houses and can be accepted by the general public. The living container mobile House has very good thermal insulation performance, because its design is safe and livable, and it contains thermal insulation layer and thermal insulation layer to prevent the phenomenon of thermal bridges. In winter, the house is very warm, summer is very cool, really warm in winter and cool in summer. In most areas, it can be basically achieved that there is no stove in winter and no air conditioner in summer. The ancients said that when it is late and snowy, one can drink nothing. In this cold winter, there is nothing more gratifying than the warmth brought by the Zhongge help workers in the middle environment!
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