What is Folding Container House made of & what are the advantages?


What is Folding Container House made of & what are the advantages?

Today let me introduce our top sale product: Folding Container House.

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Advantage of Folding Container House

The advantage of our folding container house     is easy and fast to install. Only need 4 minutes 4 people 1 crane can built 1 house. It saves manpower and time to a great extent.


Specification of Folding Container House

The size: Width (2.5 M) x Length (5.8 M) x Height (2.6 M). When it is folded, the height is only 350 mm. 100% folding helps to transport. 12 units can be loaded into 1*40’HQ.


The frame of container house is galvanized steel structure. 40 mm fireproof IEPS sandwich panel for wall and 100 mm glass wool for roof.


Material of Folding Container House & Advantages

IEPS has excellent thermal insulation performance. The technology applies the interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary polymer technology, completely abandons the original molecular modification of EPS and other materials, or the path of adding flame retardant, and introduces a new fire-proof concept. In the process of thermal expansion, the organic polymer drives the inorganic molecules to move to the edge, and finally forms a honeycomb like isolation bin, so that each organic macromolecule particle forms a relatively independent fire individual, which effectively blocks the heat conduction and flame transmission, and achieves the "quasi non-combustible" effect. It is water resistant, moisture-proof.


Aluminum sliding windows with security bar, fireproof IEPS sandwich panel door and 18 mm MGO board for floor. The folding container house is 100% fireproof, 100% waterproof, 100% folding design for Germany, USA, Japan Australia standard.


Folding Container Houses Better than Traditional Building

Compared with the traditional concrete building, container house is low cost, easy and fast to install. Then many people use container house for workers accommodation, emergency shelters, simple office and so on. Also many others said, the container house is not safe, can’t use a long time. Actually, it depends on the quality of products. As our folding container house, delivery time is 10-15 years, Grade 11 wind resistance, Grade 8 earthquake resistance, I think the data can say everything.


Applications of Folding Container--Is it Affordable?

Finally, a problem that many people are concerned about price, how much does it cost to build a container house? Are container homes cheap or expensive? Are they worth it? The standard of our folding container house is empty house design, and we can make different use according to our client’s requirement. We can make customized the clinic, home, labor camp accommodation, warehouse stock, shop, toilet, refugee home, 2 floor design house and etc. So it is a lot of application. Folding container house has a good Fire proof, water proof, corrosion-resistance, sound-insulating, performance. It cans resist heavy wind of 120km/h and 8 grade earthquakes.


Conclusion of Folding Container House`s Benefits

This folding container house is the most hot-sale type product, as a fast deploy accommodation for company worker in the city. Only need 4 minutes can finish 1 house installation, very easy and fast. This is the 2020 latest design, now it’s very popular Southeast Asia Countries. And this year we launched the luxury version, Foldable Plus Container House, is bigger and better looking, faster loading and unloading, all aspects of performance have been improved.

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(Click to see video of Foldable Plus Container House)

Not Only Folding Container House

Guangdong Wellcamp Steel Structure & Modular Housing Co., Ltd, is 100% exporting factory which has more than 17 years experiences in prefab houses industry.


news-WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house-What is Folding Container House made

Wellcamp is the No.1 Folding Container House Manufacturer in China. And we have the Largest Folding Container House Sales to overseas. We will improve our products & technology and become better and better, to make Wellcamp your first choice.

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