What economic benefits will Container houses produce when new folding containers are born?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-17
【Abstract] Recently, CCTV reported a new container hotel developed by a company in London, England. The appearance of this kind of container hotel is no different from that of ordinary container movable houses. Its unique feature is that it can be folded, and the baffles on the front and back sides can be folded together, in this way, a lot of space can be saved during transportation. Ordinary container activity houses are all processed on the basis of second-hand shipping containers. Due to their large size, each trailer can only transport one or two. The folding container movable house can greatly improve the efficiency in the transportation process, and the loading capacity of a car can be four times that of the original. At the previous Asian exhibition of container multimodal transport, the staff showed a new type of folding container. In this video, we will demonstrate the whole process of folding this container. There may be some circle friends who have doubts. It takes so much effort to make a folding container. What is the use of it? From the understanding of small circles, foldable containers can be stacked after unloading, thus tripling the number of empty containers carried by trucks, trains or liner back, thus reducing the cost of carrying empty containers by 75%. Because of the complex design, folding containers are almost twice as expensive as ordinary containers. In addition to being able to resist heat, cold and salt corrosion, foldable containers must also be able to withstand the rude treatment of dock cranes, because they will be piled up to ten floors on board, therefore, it is resistant to 350 tons and must conform to the standard operating system of highly automated docks in the world. Do you think it is possible to promote this kind of container in the world? Container movable houses are mostly used as temporary houses for workers on construction sites. Its disadvantage is that it covers a relatively large area and still occupies a large piece of land when no one lives. If the folding container movable house technology is mastered, it will certainly be favored by construction site developers and has great market potential in many areas of temporary housing construction.
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