What did the white-collar workers do in the container? These large container buildings like building blocks

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【Abstract] Container buildings can be used for indoor electricity through solar photovoltaic panels, solar water heaters can provide heating and water supply, and indoor shower and domestic water emissions are purified by sewage treatment systems for reuse. According to the number of personnel, container houses of different sizes can be made. It is not the first one in Shanghai to use containers to make temporary floor rooms or office rooms for enterprises. In a farm in Pudong, there is a tourist reception center built with 78 containers. It has been used for 3 years. It was designed by German designers, it is currently the largest single container building in Shanghai. Containers are mainly used to transport goods all over the world, but in recent years containers have been widely used in the construction field. Like Lego bricks, they can be easily combined into people's favorite house shapes, create a comfortable and habitable space. A large container building group was designed and constructed, located at 1090 Rongle East Road, Songjiang, Shanghai, which attracted wide attention. Like Lego, a building complex built with containers, this container building is divided into upper and lower floors, with office space, capsule room, swimming pool, restaurant bar, leisure terrace and other functions, the interior decoration is luxurious and comfortable, and the overall cost is over one million. After the news of the container complex was exposed, it attracted widespread attention. Some netizens said that 'the 1 million-dollar cost-effective, the house is very beautiful, even the container would rather live in it', but some netizens ridiculed: 'Very beautiful, but not suitable for China's national conditions, a large wave of urban management is on its way. . . ', There are more savvy netizens who have seen business opportunities. ' come to Beijing to open such a container-themed restaurant, absolutely hot, seeking partners! ', Among them, several theme hotel rooms have attracted wide attention. 1. Traveler's favorite-- The mini mobile capsule room is transformed from a standard 20-foot old container. The shape seems to have not changed, but there are more doors, windows and two vents on the side panels, stepping on the steps and opening the door, what came into view was an extremely compact and thoughtful functional space room. The two heads of the room were the whole toilet and a 1. The bed on the upper and lower floors with a width of is opposite to the wall with washstand, induction cooker table and wardrobe respectively. A folding table and folding chair are placed on one side of the door. The wall surface, roof and furniture are white, the total area is less than 15 square meters. It is really small and complete. Although sparrows are small and complete, the upper and lower bunks can accommodate two people. Intimate details show the humanization and modernization of the design. Practical cabinets and touch-control air conditioners 2. Couple favorite-- The British style theme room is designed to be transformed from two 20-foot containers with an area of nearly 30 m² square meters. The fashionable furniture design has won the favor of everyone. It is mainly divided into two parts: the bathroom and the bedroom. The interior space is relatively loose, plus a large floor-to-ceiling window on one side, from which bright sunshine is reflected, introducing beautiful natural scenery into the interior, making people and nature more intimate, make the indoor space look particularly comfortable. 3. Family favorite-- The luxury suite white-collar apartment is made up of two 40-foot old containers, covering an area of nearly 60 square meters. It consists of a living room, a bathroom and a bedroom. It is suitable for vacation houses and white-collar apartments. The living room has a hidden single bed, it can be enjoyed by a family of three. The interior wall and top are insulated by 10mm building heat insulation film, and the interior wall is insulated by 50mm rock wool core board, which can achieve the heat insulation effect of traditional buildings. The wall surface is combined with PU Xipi and film aluminum plate, create a refined, high-end atmosphere, and every detail follows a high combination of beauty and life. ▼ Design ▼ indoor bird's eye view design 4. Youth favorite-- The creative Japanese tatami room is a theme room designed in full accordance with the style of Japanese tatami. The steel and composite materials ensure the stability of the box and can accommodate two people, the box size is 6. 058m × 4. 8m × 2. 591 m, double tatami bed, toilet, wardrobe, TV, air conditioner, tea table, bedside table, lighting and other facilities. 5. Aristocratic favorite-- Luxury Western restaurant multi-functional suite, this suite is designed from 4 40-foot containers with an area of about 120 m² square meters. Including Western restaurant, living room and guest room, the configuration is quite complete. Open the glass door, the first arrival is the western restaurant, the table can be 7 ~ Nine people had dinner together. When night falls, sit here with friends and family, open the chandelier designed like a stick on the table, light the candle on the candlestick, and the orange light hits the fragrant food, with music, at this moment, does this scene feel so romantic and happy? Then there is our living room part. I believe that the pigeons flying on the wall will surely attract everyone's attention and make the whole space relaxed and lively immediately. Open the hidden light strip on the wall and the scattered walking downlights. The lights are sprinkled on the walls made of cement boards and the ground paved with office carpets. The points, lines and faces are fused here, highlights the infinite charm. Finally, the guest room. The walls made of paint-free boards are bright and bright, while the office carpets used on the ground are much rougher and softer, giving people a different feeling. In addition, the bedside table made of imitation containers will also give people a refreshing feeling and give life a little more artistic flavor. The container complex that is very popular on the Internet is'Stealth' In a construction site on Rongle East Road in Songjiang. The owner is a container construction company, because the office building is still under construction, it will temporarily serve as their temporary office space.
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