What conditions need to be met to build a container mobile house?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-27
Wellcamp container mobile House needs to pay attention to some problems when building a house, such as the choice of address when choosing to build a house, the distance of fire source, and a flat place, what Xiao Bian wants to explain to you now is what some conditions mobile board houses need when building houses. Ready to build the site, the mobile board room needs to be built in a strong, flat, safe and far away from the fire source, if you choose an uneven. Places with uneven ground are generally not suitable for building container movable houses. The author especially reminds everyone to stay away from fire sources when building mobile plank houses (Board House materials do not have fire prevention capability) , Too close to the fire source will easily lead to fire in the board room during use. The main structure of the board house must be stable, which requires us to choose excellent quality and excellent material of the main structure when we plan to build a mobile board house, if the theme structure of the mobile board house cannot bear the weight of the Board House, accidents will easily occur. Here, the author recommends that everyone go to the Heda movable board house to buy a good main structure. To control the construction style, if we need to build a mobile board house, we should reasonably choose the style of the Board House, which means that we should be suitable for the surrounding environment when building the Board House (Don't build mobile board houses with peculiar styles). Environmental protection, we must pay attention to environmental protection when building container movable houses. In order to improve the protection of panel panels, we can generally apply paint for protection, but a small number of people will use non-environmental protection (High formaldehyde content) The paint has caused serious harm to the environment and people, so it is recommended that you choose which environmentally friendly paint to apply to the panel of the mobile board.
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