What aspects need to be considered in customizing container activity houses?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-30
The current development of custom-built Wellcamp container house is quite common, which is the consensus and the reason why its application scope is so wide, the main reason why the price-performance ratio of the container movable house is well customized is that it has incomparable advantages compared with traditional buildings. What are the following factors to be considered before the customized construction of container movable houses? The factors to be considered before customized construction are the appearance, fire prevention performance and light projection of the container movable house. First, the appearance of the container activity room customized to achieve overall coordination, which is directly related to the quality of the color steel plate used in the activity room. The activity room must carefully check the installation part of the mobile room before leaving the factory, mainly to check whether there is no problem in the welding point connection is not very strong, after all, these will affect the future use. The customization of container movable houses caters to people's needs, and more and more people like it. Now whether walking in a prosperous city or walking in a beautiful countryside, still in busy construction sites and large plants can be everywhere, and the customization of container movable houses also shows that the popularity of movable boards is also very wide. Second, the fire performance after the installation of the container mobile House is customized, please carefully check whether its fire performance is in good condition. The fire pipes hidden in the house during the wiring time are not worn except the two layers of iron of the color steel sandwich panel, do not leak the existing insulation layer, which will affect the overall fire prevention effect. Under normal circumstances, the custom-made movable plank houses of container movable houses will give people a new feeling of housing and also make people like a kind of housing, so as long as the quality and quantity of the plank house manufacturers complete each installation, movable board houses will definitely become one of the mainstream houses in this era. III. The projection of light the customization of the container mobile House must ensure that no visible light gap can appear in the wallboard, doors and windows and other places. If leakage occurs, the treatment can show that the insulation performance of the mobile room is not very good, the gap will also cause water leakage. Activity Board room now people's pursuit is as much as possible to be satisfied, the facilities and equipment inside it, the appearance can also be based on the idea of design, just like fashion can design fashion.
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