What are the types of container movable houses for rent?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-03
The development of living containers in our country has a very good future. It is very convenient and reduces a lot of construction costs. Of course, with the development of the container industry in our country becoming more and more prosperous, the development of container mobile house rental is getting better and better, and there will be more classifications, so there will be more differences in leasing. Next, Wellcamp will show you about it. Container movable house is a kind of environment-friendly and economical movable house with light steel frame, sandwich panel as enclosure material, standard modulus for space combination, and bolted connection for components. Welded box type: the new welded mobile House is a popular residential container house in recent years. Because its technology is close to the first type of container containers, it is also called container mobile House, the technical standard of this kind of container house is lower than that of container containers, which is characterized by convenient transportation, installation and movement, low cost, life span of more than ten years and high return on investment, the scope of use is relatively wide. Container type: a container house transformed from a traditional container is a reuse of abandoned container containers, which is characterized by being very strong and can withstand greater pressure. Disassembly and assembly box type: the container mobile House is between the movable board house and the container house. It mainly adopts modular production technology to modularize a container into standard parts and assemble them on site when it needs to be used, the speed of installation and disassembly can be accelerated, and the transportation cost can also be reduced.
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