What are the three points to pay attention to when living in a container?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-04-14
Pay attention to fire prevention in residential containers. If the wall of your container movable house is made of polystyrene as sandwich panel, then pay attention to fire prevention. Preventive measures: Please do not Weld near the wall; When winter comes, the heating stove of the House should be equipped with a fire prevention device. When laying indoor lines, metal pipes should be used, and reliable grounding or refractory pipes should be selected. In addition, casing should be added to protect the wall. It is strictly forbidden to use blowtorch on the materials of Wellcamp container houses that need waterproof treatment; In open zone roof tile tin is less than 0. At 6mm hours, houses should be equipped with lightning rods. Pay attention to wind prevention. If the material of your residential container house is a color steel plank house, then pay attention to wind prevention. The color steel plank house has a simple structure due to its light weight, fire-proof container movable house and container movable house in Hongqiao district, the wind resistance is weak, so it depends on the customer's vision. If you don't buy expensive ones, choose the right ones, however, customers who have installed plank houses without wind resistance can fix angle steel with drill tail wire above the front and back walls along the length of the plank houses on the roof. Pay attention to the inspection: Before the construction of the residential container house, it should be noted that the model of the purlin should not be too small, which will increase the difficulty of construction and reduce the strength of the container house. After completing the construction of the container house, the connection reinforcement of each component should be checked to avoid unnecessary troubles.
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