What are the specifications of container movable houses?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-27
What are the specifications of Wellcamp container movable house? On the construction site, it is common to rent the container activity room for workers' group accommodation. Although the structure of this activity room is simple but relatively consolidated, it has good Compression Resistance, earthquake resistance and sealing performance, and is extremely convenient to install and disassemble, therefore, it is the first choice for many enterprises that need to use simple residential buildings. So what are the general standards for professional container movable houses? 1. Single-storey movable house single-storey container movable house can be rented with many different types such as standard box, connecting box, partition room, etc. , but these types are not much different in standard shape and system, generally, it is a standard scale of 6 m * 3 m * 2. 8 meters. The main purpose of using container house is to meet the accommodation needs of group dormitories, so the plan of 6 meters long and 3 meters wide can be placed inside 4- Five iron beds are laid up and down, and the center is guaranteed to have a one-meter-wide corridor. Such a standard plan can make full use of the container space for living, and can also leave a wide passage, does not affect normal passage. 2. Multi-storey mobile houses many places need to use multi-storey container mobile houses for rent due to the needs of work and accommodation, so the standard scale for the second and third floors is 7 m * 3 m * 2. 8 meters, a one-meter-wide corridor more than the container house on the ground floor, and other standard plans remain unchanged. 3. Customization standards in addition to the above two standard movable houses, there are also container movable houses that are customized according to the actual needs of enterprises according to special standards, such as multi-person toilets and sentry boxes. This kind of customized standard mobile house cannot be mass produced due to its different scales, and it needs further processing of raw materials during production before it can be continuously produced in the future.
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