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by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2022-05-29
A sea container is mainly a large-scale loading container with certain strength and rigidity and is suitable for shipping goods of different specifications. The use and its large volume can also meet the needs of large cargo shipments. So, how should people choose the right quality shipping containers to use? 1. Comply with ISO standards. When selecting a shipping container, it is not only required that the size and classification and its rated quality index should comply with ISO standards, but also the code, identification and marking used by the container, so that the quality standard of the container can be guaranteed in the most basic way. An accident occurred during use. Second, the integrity of the box. When choosing a first-class shipping container, it is necessary to carefully observe the appearance and shape of the box to ensure that the four columns, six sides and octagons of the container body are kept in good condition. When selecting corner pieces, avoid welding and paint-type shelves, desks, and other products. Third, the welding is firm and the box is clean and pollution-free. Due to the excessive weight of the cargo during transportation, it is easy to cause the sea container to be de-soldered, leak-welded and deformed. When choosing, you should focus on observing the seams and corners of the container body. Contamination should also be noted that the interior of the container body is clean and dry to prevent other sources of contamination such as debris and odors. The above are three related matters that should be paid attention to when selecting high-quality shipping containers. Paying full attention to the above matters and choosing a shipping container with good quality can not only effectively avoid accidents during transportation, but also reduce damage to the goods. The reliability of the shipping container can also be better ensured by providing the manufacturer with the container inspection certificate when selecting the shipping container.
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