What are the materials that affect the quality of rental container movable houses?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-27
Users who have used container rental all know that the main materials of container movable house are Channel steel for frame and sandwich panel for wall ceiling. The quality of these two materials directly affects the quality of container movable house. Today, let's talk about these two materials and how they affect container movable houses. Let's talk about Channel steel first. The difference of channel steel is mainly manifested in the difference of channel steel thickness. Although some manufacturers rent container movable houses with little difference in surface, the thickness of channel steel is different, the living containers made are also different. The thickness of the channel steel is not enough, it is easy to bend when receiving the pressure, and the living container is deformed, which affects the service life. This kind of container movable house cannot be changed in a short time, but it is easy to show problems such as deformation and collapse after a long time, which may endanger the safety of people in the container movable house. Therefore, there is a certain standard for the choice of channel steel rented by Wellcamp containers. It is easy to present problems by using channel steel materials lower than the standard instead of saving money. As for the type of rental container movable house with white roof and iron roof white box, the quality of color steel sandwich panel directly affects the service life of resident containers. At present, the data of color steel sandwich panels in the market are mixed. Some are used in container movable houses, others are used in movable board houses, and the thickness of steel plates used in color steel sandwich panels of different uses varies greatly. If the color steel sandwich panel used in the movable board house is used on the living container, a few months later, the color steel sandwich panel may present a series of problems such as scattered steel plates and rust, and the container rental is damaged. Therefore, the color steel sandwich panels specially used for living containers must be used for renting container movable houses, and the color steel sandwich panels that do not conform to the specifications cannot be used due to the reduction of cost, thus affecting the service life of living containers. Some problems appear in places you can't see. However, once the container mobile house is built, it will take many years to use it, so you must pay more attention to the choice at the beginning.
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