What are the main materials of equipment containers?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-14
When you buy goods online, when you walk in the street to browse all kinds of goods, most of the time because of the equipment container, only then can we send and receive packages from all parties with peace of mind. Although its existence provides us with a lot of convenience, most of us are very unfamiliar with equipment containers. You may feel that it is far away from me and there is no need to know it, however, the arrival of modern society, especially the international era, not only for leisure and entertainment, but also for work, has begun to rely on equipment containers. Next, let's take you to quickly understand its type, so that you can quickly select the transmission tool that best meets your needs when you use it later. Type 1, steel: the structural parts of the container outer plate of this equipment are all made of steel, and the price of steel containers of the same size is 60% of that of aluminum containers-70%. The biggest advantage is high strength, strong structure, good weldability and watertightness, and low price, but the biggest disadvantage is the weight, because of the weight, it also reduces the loading quantity. In addition, because steel is easy to corrode and rust, it must be painted twice a year, so the utilization rate is low and the service life is short, generally 11-12 years. Category 2, aluminum: Generally speaking, aluminum equipment containers are not pure aluminum, but various light aluminum alloys with the largest amount of main components, so they are also called aluminum equipment containers. The biggest advantage is light weight, 20% lighter than steel equipment containers- 25%, so the same size is more cargo than steel equipment containers. In addition, it has the characteristics of no rust, good elasticity, easy deformation after external force is added, and can generally recover after external force is removed. The disadvantages are poor welding and wear resistance and insufficient fatigue strength, so the corner pieces, corner columns and frame structures are generally still made of steel, so the price is high and they are generally used to manufacture special containers. The service life is generally 15-16 years, longer than other kinds. Category 3, glass fiber: this equipment is made up of plastic-steel composite panels on the container frame. It is characterized by high strength and good rigidity, while plastic steel has good heat insulation, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, which can prevent condensation in containers and help protect valuable goods from damage and humidity; The main disadvantage is the large weight, which is almost the same as the general steel equipment container. Category 4, stainless steel: this kind of equipment container is a new material, which has the advantages of high strength, no rust and good corrosion resistance, so it has beautiful appearance; There is no need for maintenance during the service life, so the utilization rate is high. The disadvantages are high price and large initial investment; There are few materials and it is difficult to manufacture in large quantities. Through the above introduction, I believe you have a basic understanding of the manufacturing materials of equipment containers. Each material is different according to its own performance and manufacturing process, and the equipment container of the finished product is also different. Therefore, in terms of transportation selection, the best material equipment container type can be selected by many parties.
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