What are the eligibility criteria for building residential containers?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-22
The wall and roof materials of Wellcamp living container are color steel plate covered polystyrene foam sandwich composite board. Color steel sandwich panel has the characteristics of heat preservation and heat insulation, anti-corrosion and sound insulation, light flame retardant, good seismic performance, firmness and beauty, convenient installation, effective increase of the use area of the house and no need for secondary decoration. The structure of the color steel movable house is stable, and the roof adopts structural waterproof design without any additional waterproof treatment. The interior and exterior walls and the roof are bright in color, soft in texture, flat in board surface, very harmonious with the steel skeleton of the house, with good decorative effect, and the interior of the House is also very decorative. The premise of using residential containers is that the movable plank house itself must be built to be qualified. What is the specific construction standard of the movable plank house? Let's briefly explain it to you. First of all, the description of architectural design, the plank house should use double slope roof, slope ratio is 1:1. 5. The standard modular design of the plank house is based on the fact that on K = 1820mm, rock wool sandwich panels on the metal surface are used as partition boards and connected by horizontal sockets. The plank house is made of thick foam board as roofing material, the surface is blue, the thickness of thick foam board is 50mm, and the thickness of wooden splint is 15mm. Thick foam sandwich panels are used as wall materials with a thickness of 50mm. The internal and external colors are white and gray, and vertical sockets are used for connection. Color steel stamping parts are used for window edge, Ridge and Gable edge materials, and the color is blue. The door of the living container is a steel single door, the window is a plastic steel sliding window, white glass. The structural components are sealed in the joints of the board house components, and other small gaps are sealed with silicone waterproof sealant. Only the movable board houses that meet the qualified standards can be officially put into use, otherwise the movable board houses cannot be put into use to avoid dangerous accidents.
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