What are the difficulties in installing a container rental house?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-31
Take the container rental house and have a walk-and-go trip. Nowadays, Container rental housing is widely used in a wide range of areas. It can be said that every city will have Container rental housing. According to the weather and climate of each place, the installation process will also be different, so the south side is a region with more precipitation and longer rainy season. So what problems will be encountered in installing container rental houses in the rainy season? The joint structure of the enclosure unit cannot be fixed. During the rainy season, the land will be soft due to the constant rain day and night. Not hard enough. At that time, the joint construction function of the containment unit of the Wellcamp container rental house could not have continuity and firmness. Will cause the entire installation effect can not be determined. The leakage of electric wires on the periphery will have problems when installing electric wires. What we should pay attention to in installing electric wires is the leakage caused by rain or what contact, so when installing electric wires on the periphery of the container rental house, we should all take sunshade and rain shelter to install it. The container rental house needs to be maintained after a period of use, and the paint on the surface will fall off, so we need to repaint it to increase its aesthetics, but also can prolong the service life of the movable house, and the main thing is that the electric wire should not be directly tied to the steel frame structure to prevent electric leakage and electric shock.
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