What are the common types of customized container movable houses?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-01
Wellcamp container activity room can be customized and divided into two types of container activity rooms according to its structural composition. The customized container activity house with high cost performance is used to transform traditional containers. The principle and structure of traditional container transformation is the reuse of abandoned containers, which is characterized by being able to bear greater pressure. What are the common types of customized container movable houses? What are the common types of customized container mobile houses? 1. New welding box Mobile Room new welding mobile machine room is a popular container in recent years, because its technology is close to container containers, so it is also called container mobile housing, the technical standard of this container house is lower than the container container, it has the characteristics of convenient transportation, installation and movement, low cost, high return on investment and wide application range. The custom-made house of container activity house imitates the practice of shipping containers. The inner layer of the wall is added with rock wool, glass wool and other thermal insulation layers, and then the inside is blocked by fire wall panels. The room also has a color steel plate structure with square tubes and C- shaped steel welding frames. The container activity room is customized and welded in the factory. If there is any customer rental or purchase, it will be transported directly to the site. 2. Removable box-type mobile room the active plate and container room customized by container mobile room mainly adopt modular production technology, which converts container modules into standard parts and needs to be assembled on site, can speed up the installation and disassembly, can also speed up the installation and disassembly, it can also speed up the installation and disassembly to reduce transportation costs. At present, the habit of this kind of container activity room is not folded, and an ordinary truck can only transport one when transporting, which increases the transportation cost. Customized container movable house can greatly save transportation cost, and it is very suitable for rental when it is idle. Container Terminal is a highly industrialized product. The terminal facilities are usually long-standing buildings with reinforced concrete structure or steel structure, while the customized container movable houses are mostly simple movable houses. The parking lot for collecting cards and the site for stacking empty containers and maintaining containers are used for terminal logistics. In a word, the customized container activity room is a detachable container activity room. Referring to the technology of dismantling and assembling containers exported from abroad, the four columns are the main support, the upper and lower bottom frames are connected, and the screws are used to connect and fix the container into a whole. The custom-made container movable house with good reputation is not low in strength compared with ordinary welded containers, and the favorable value generated in the subsequent use of this process is very large.
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