What are the characteristics of the custom container building?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-29
Under the background of vigorously promoting energy conservation and emission reduction policies, the construction industry is actively transforming to the modernization of green buildings and construction industry. The construction of custom containers has many characteristics, such as modularity, industrialization, recyclability, easy assembly and durability. With the continuous improvement of relevant policies and standards, customized containers with high cost performance will enter an important period of development opportunities. What are the characteristics of the custom container building? 1, modular design, custom container building by prefabricated hexahedron (Four Walls, top surface, ground) The structure is box-shaped and can be used for internal decoration according to old containers or custom containers. The factory pre-system of the custom container building is very high, it is a separate module, and the assembly process is a bit like a building block. Due to its own modularity, it is very flexible, efficient and reusable. 2. The architectural design link of integrated construction of customized containers has the characteristics of integration, standardization and modularization. The manufacturing process has the characteristics of standardized production and assembly line operation, and the construction link is a bit like working on a construction block. After leaving the factory, each house unit becomes an integral module and can be upgraded and moved as a whole. The house can be installed in advance when it leaves the factory. When it is transported to the site, it can be used basically without on-site operation. 3. Standardization and modularization, standardization and modularization of building products for customized containers, and the shell materials meet the corresponding standards, and the parts are universal and interchangeable. Compared with ordinary mobile house products, the comprehensive performance of the House (Such as heat insulation, sealing, comfort, etc)Has been significantly improved. Customized container buildings can usually be hoisted or transported as a whole, are easy to dismantle and almost do not generate construction waste due to assembly and disassembly. High-quality products can be reused dozens of times and can also be used as long-lasting buildings. To sum up, the characteristics of customized container buildings are modular design, integrated construction, standardization and modularization respectively. Custom container houses are easy to assemble, strong and heat-insulated, windproof and shockproof, moisture-proof and waterproof, energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection and low carbon, etc. All these can fully illustrate that the container can be fully developed for sustainable development of low-carbon buildings. The significance of building existence and development of customized containers with high evaluation lies not only in completing the space creation and expression of buildings and the environment itself, but also in reflecting the recycling of resources and building strategies.
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