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by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2022-05-29
The invention of the shipping container is to effectively improve the efficiency of transportation. We analyze it from many aspects such as transportation, loading and unloading, ships, and ports. As far as the current international view is concerned, it is uniformly agreed that sea containers are the fastest and most convenient way to transport by sea. Therefore, sea containers are widely used in international sea transport at present. In terms of transportation, in the past, when shipping containers were not used for sea transportation, cargo ships mainly carried out bulk shipments. Although this method of bulk transportation is relatively inexpensive, the same benefits are not comparable to bulk transportation. Another major problem in the transportation of bulk parts is the extremely high accident rate. The accidents mentioned here mainly refer to the accidents in the transportation of goods, such as the accidental damage of the goods, or the dampness or loss due to the stacking of parts. Let’s talk about loading and unloading. Nowadays, the loading and unloading of shipping containers is carried out directly by large loader and unloading machines. In the past, the loading and unloading method was to carry the goods from the ship by manpower, and then load them on the vehicle or on the ship uniformly, without discussing the unexpected problems. The labor cost alone is enough to greatly affect the efficiency of the transportation company, not to mention the slow speed of this type of loading, and the delayed delivery of the goods, making the transportation company uncompetitive. Ships are the basis of shipping. In the waterway transportation of ships, the number of loose parts shipped by ships is extremely limited, especially when the safety of goods is to be guaranteed, the volume of loose parts transportation has been greatly controlled. When the number of ships themselves remains unchanged, the use of shipping containers can greatly improve the transportation effect of ships and greatly increase the number of goods in one transportation voyage. Finally, we have to talk about ports. The ports that use sea containers for transportation are limited, which is not like the effect of bulk shipping. Only a port large enough to accommodate the shipping of stacked containers for the loading and unloading of sea containers. However, as long as there are enough ports for loading and unloading, shipping containers can be loaded and unloaded much faster than regular human loading and unloading.
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