What are the advantages of light steel structure prefab house?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2022-05-21
With the development of society, the demand for prefabricated houses in various industries is increasing, and the forms of prefabricated houses are also increasing. The most commonly used is light steel structure prefabricated houses, mainly because it has many other types of activities. Advantages that the home does not have

1. Light steel structure mobile house has high strength of steel and light weight of the structure. Although the density of steel is higher than other building materials, its strength is very high. Under the same stress, the steel structure has a small self-weight and can be constructed with span larger housing structures.

Second, the plasticity of the light steel structure mobile house is very good, and the structure will not break suddenly due to accidental overloading or partial overloading under normal circumstances. The toughness of steel makes the structure more adaptable to dynamic loads.

Third, the material of the light steel structure prefabricated house is uniform and the reliability is high. The internal structure of the steel is uniform and isotropic. The actual working performance of the light steel structure is in good agreement with the theoretical calculation results used, so the reliability of the structure is high.

Four. The light steel structure movable house is weldable. Due to the weldability of steel, the connection of the steel structure is greatly simplified, and it is suitable for the manufacture of various complex shapes.

5. The installation of light steel structure prefab houses is highly industrialized. The production of steel structures is mainly carried out in specialized metal structure factories, so the production is simple and high precision. The manufactured components are transported to the site for installation, with a high degree of assembly, fast installation speed and short construction period.

Six, the light steel structure movable room has good sealing performance. The internal structure of the steel is very dense. When it is connected by welding, even when it is connected by rivets or bolts, it is easy to be tight and not leaking.

The above is an introduction to the advantages of light steel structure prefab houses. It is precisely because light steel structure prefab houses have so many significant advantages that they are widely used. If you have needs for light steel structure prefab houses, please contact Wellcamp mobile home manufacturer: 13902808995
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