What are the advantages of designing container production as a house?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-29
First, container.html' target='_blank'>container house ecological environmental protection if you want to make some contribution to the Earth's environmental protection, make the earth more healthy and environmentally friendly, but when you create a house more environmentally friendly, you will find that all this requires a high cost of creation to ensure a comfortable apartment and environmental protection for the Earth. Many people point the frame data of building houses to containers, but Container houses can make these abandoned containers put into use from the beginning. Changing the container into a house is a good environmental protection method, because it can prevent the container from being melted into steel, although it is also a board house for energy recovery. Another way to build environmentally friendly buildings is to build houses with wood, but it is not as powerful as containers. First of all, containers will not dry rot and other fungal infections like wood. Secondly, there are more leaking wood than container houses. Second, the stability of container houses if you think the above reasons are not enough to impress you, then the important reason is the stability of containers. It is understood that the shelter before the US Army was built by container houses, and a container can carry 30 tons of goods, and it can be stacked up to 7 floors, then the container at the bottom needs to bear the weight of 200 tons, which cannot be achieved by any traditional house. III. Flexibility of container production the container type is very flexible. They can be used to make any house you can imagine. Its advantage is that the container has already taken shape, therefore, you only need to cut the container according to your design for modification. In a traditional house, many factors need to be considered to remove the interior wall, and the quantity of work is also very large; But the container house can create the space you want just by cutting off the plate in the middle. At the same time, because the specifications of containers are generally the same, you can easily splice them together. IV. The beauty of container houses when you own a set of comfortable container houses, the outsiders can see a set of houses with great personality. This can be seen from the previous articles on our website that all container houses are pleasing to the eye. Moreover, container houses can be built in different environments, which will make people have different visual feelings. V. The price of container houses in the current global economic situation, everyone consciously tries and saves a little money, but nothing can cost more than buying a house. However, it only costs 1400 yuan per square meter to build a container house. You can imagine that if you build a house of the same size, the price may be less than half of that of a traditional house. Six, the construction speed of the container house another incredible reason, after determining the construction of the container house, its establishment time is very short and incredible. Typical containers are over 八英尺 high and 40 feet long, but these containers can build comfortable and practical houses whether they are spliced horizontally or vertically! According to the survey, the traditional house construction time is about one year. However, container houses can reach the level of carrying bags in a short period of about 6 months.
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