What are the advantages of container movable houses compared with traditional houses?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-03
Zhongge container company is a company with a professional team of prefabricated building innovation and application. The business scope covers residential, vacation, commercial, office, exhibition and other fields. The company has novel design concept and advanced technology, and is committed to creating exquisite intelligent fabricated buildings. The team members of the company have rich experience in architectural design and production, can perfectly handle various technical problems and actively communicate with customers, which is the valuable capital for the company to participate in the fierce market competition, it is also a solid backing to protect the interests of customers. Let me give you a brief introduction to the advantages of movable houses over traditional houses. One: container houses can be moved quickly at any time. Only one forklift can move integrally at short distance, and only one forklift and flat trailer can move integrally at ultra-long distance. Advantage 2: container houses have no special requirements for the site. If combined use is not required, the place where the container house is placed does not need Foundation treatment, even if it is mud, the box can be used immediately after it is transported to the site and put on an external power supply, there is no need to install electricity on site. Advantage 3: The interior of the container house is fully decorated, just like the ordinary office room you usually see. Common configurations are: 2 built-in lamps and 3 sockets (One of them is a special socket for air conditioner) , All have been pre-installed, just use the external connection line of the container house to connect with the external main power supply to use it safely. The interior is completely decorated, with external electricity, and can be equipped with air conditioning, electricity, lighting, tables and chairs, which can be used immediately. Advantage 4: life is at least 15 years, can be used repeatedly and moved, no need to disassemble, no material loss. Assuming that a project is calculated in 2 years, after completion, it can be moved to another new project site in whole or in part, so that at least 7 projects can be done without repeating additional construction. Although the mobile room is very simple and convenient in terms of installation and disassembly, it must be carefully treated during the installation process. Since the mobile room provides collective accommodation, the concentration of personnel is large, therefore, do not cause potential safety hazards in future use due to a little omission in the installation of container movable house.
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