What are the advantages of container movable house?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-26
Container mobile house is listed as 19th inventions. Business week of the United States reported: 'modular container house, this invention can solve the housing problem of hundreds of millions of poor families. 'Container mobile houses, high-energy rechargeable batteries, electric vehicles, wireless Internet, etc. are listed as important inventions that are more likely to change our lifestyle in the next 10 years, it shows its influence and great commercial value, and the following advantages are introduced by Wellcamp container mobile House manufacturers. 1) Faster speed modular container movable house building is 40% higher than traditional building method ~ 60%, delivery time can also be reliably predicted and controlled. 2) Cost-effectiveness in the past, the cost of general modular building technology was higher than that of traditional building technology (Such as brick-concrete structure, etc). However, the modular container house we are only doing now adopts innovative technology, which greatly reduces the cost of modular buildings. Compared with traditional brick-concrete buildings of the same scale, the economic benefits are better. 3) Reduce the dependence on skilled workers the modular container house realizes manufacturing in the factory workshop, and the specialized division of labor can largely use semi-skilled workers, thus reducing the dependence on increasingly scarce skilled workers. 4) Safe construction method practice has proved that modular container movable house building is a safe construction method. Compared with traditional construction methods, it uses fewer components. 5) Better quality modular container movable house building modules are all manufactured in our factory. The factory environment and indoor construction conditions will ensure that its quality is easier to control and improve. The reduction of defects is the improvement of product reliability. Of course, the production efficiency is higher. 6) Environmental protection and sustainable development modular container buildings are environmentally friendly, and the energy required for off-site production components is much less than that of on-site production. During site construction, waste can be reduced by 70%. The sound insulation and heat insulation performance of modular container buildings is better than that of traditional buildings, and the daily energy consumption can be reduced, which meets the requirements of sustainable development. 7) Reducing interference the construction period of the modular container movable house building is short, thus reducing the interference on the lives of nearby enterprises and residents.
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