What are the advantages of container house?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-07
Container house is a popular type of house at present. In many first-tier cities, container house is even regarded as the second largest development project besides commercial housing. Judging from its living environment and conditions, container house has obvious advantages, in recent years, it has been accepted by more consumers and derived into a unique residential effect. So, what are its advantages? First, the price is cheap. The price of ordinary container houses is cheap, which is only about 20% of that of commercial houses. Generally speaking, the price of container houses can make most people live in. Moreover, many container houses are sold as a whole, the price is lower. Advantages of container house second strong Mobility aiming at the problem that the House is not mobile, the container house can be well solved, it can be installed freestyle according to the selected location, and, modern container houses can also be built in a spliced way, and steel snap rings and container iron plates can be spliced together. It has great mobility and can be relocated at will. The third safety factor is high. The container house is of iron or steel structure. The whole room is free of plastic or rubber substances and has strong safety. In addition, it has good resistance to earthquakes, fires, storms, etc, from the perspective of overall safety, its safety factor is relatively high. The fourth personalized design now, aiming at the personalized problem of container house, it has become more flexible. Many manufacturers can provide containers of different models and styles, and container house can carry out personalized design, it is difficult for ordinary houses to do. Fifth, good thermal insulation the thermal insulation of the container house is excellent. No matter in winter or summer, it is difficult to leak the cold air or hot air in the closed space after using the stove, air conditioner and other devices to adjust the temperature, it can save resources and save money. Container houses have various advantages, but cheap housing prices have become the primary consideration of the selector. Moreover, it can also be used as a temporary residence, which is not only convenient and quick, but also can effectively ensure safety, in the future, the penetration rate of container houses will be better and better, and will provide services for more people with housing needs.
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