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WELLCAMP Container Isolation Room


COVID-19 broke out in early 2020 and quickly swept the world, posing a serious threat to people's health, affecting the order of production and life in all countries and having a huge impact on the global financial market. As the epidemic continues to spread, infrastructure such as hospitals and isolation rooms is becoming increasingly scarce. Recently, we have made a series of measures with Container Isolation Room to support isolation wards.

These Container Isolation Room is also known as field clinic, mobile hospital, container temporary hospital, isolation hospital and isolation ward, combined clinic, etc. It's based on container houses, which are movable, expandable, foldable, modular prefabricated container houses, for professional treatment of severe, normal and mild cases of COVID-19.


WELLCAMP 4 Main Isolation Room Design:


1. Folding Container Isolation Room

Open size: 2.5m*5.8m*2.6h, 40mm Fireproof IEPS sandwich panel for wall and 100mm Glass wool sandwich panel for roof. 

4 minutes & 4 steps for one house fixing. 12 units can load into 1*40HQ.


There is also an optional design to add interior partition wall and make a bathroom inside this Folding Container Isolation Room.






2. Flat Pack Container Isolation Room

Flat Pack Container Isolation Room size: 2.425m*5.9m*2.8h.

50mm EPS sandwich panel for wall and 100mm Glass wool sandwich panel for roof. Come with completed roof and floor. It can combine to larger area. 9 units can load into 1*40HQ.

WELLCAMP provides empty design and also design with bathroom & Sanitary.



3. Expandable Container Isolation Room

Expandable Container Isolation Room Open Size: 5.894m*5.8m*2.5h.

50mm EPS sandwich panel for wall. 100mm Glass wool sandwich panel (Main body) and 50mm EPS sandwich panel (Extension) for roof. Pre assembled container house.

It can apply to Isolation Room and operating room.2 units can load into 1*40HQ.



WELLCAMP container hospital will protect your city.

WELLCAMP dedicates to offer the most integrated camp site prefabricated buildings & facilities solutions with our love & passion. WELLCAMP, Moving the World.

Isolation building is a race against the virus. In the case of large-scale community transmission, home isolation is very poor, so Container Isolation Room is needed. All regions around the world should flexibly arrange for the construction of more isolation rooms based on the need of epidemic prevention and control. Controlling the source of infection, cutting off the transmission route and protecting the susceptible population are important measures to control the spread of infectious diseases and must be taken at the same time.

Quarantine is not to quarantine people, quarantine is the virus, but not love.


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