Waterproof structure of roof of container movable house, temporary office space required by medium and high grade

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-08
【Abstract] Container movable house is a kind of space combination with light steel as skeleton, sandwich board as enclosure material, standard modulus series, and bolt connection of components, which can be assembled and disassembled conveniently and quickly, the general standardization of temporary buildings has been realized, and the architectural concept of environmental protection, energy conservation, quickness and high efficiency has been established, the temporary housing has entered a series of development, integrated production, supporting supply, inventory and can be used for many times. Dweller shares with you the waterproof structure of the roof of the container movable house and looks at the temporary office space required by the middle and high grade below. The roof of the container movable House adopts structural waterproof design to enhance the air tightness and water tightness of the house. The basic production on site is small and can be used after being transported to the site. The overall hoisting has strong adaptability to the environment and is convenient for on-site installation. It can be used for temporary office, accommodation, overall kitchen, bathroom and other purposes with medium and high-grade requirements. Features wall, roof, ground, roof and circuit systems are completely prefabricated in the factory, making on-site installation convenient and fast and shortening the time interval from building houses to use. Container houses adopt light steel structure system, and the wall surface is covered with composite EPS wallboard. All siding and accessories can be folded and packaged, and the installation is simple, suitable for long-distance transportation and export shipping. The steel structure system makes the house have excellent ability to resist 120 km/h wind speed; The light structure makes the house show good integrity when it encounters an earthquake disaster with an earthquake fortification intensity of 9 degrees. Container houses can be recycled for 10 years without any construction waste during use. Overpopulation and continuous migration have become the symbols of modern people's life, and the invasion of natural disasters has made many people homeless. In short, the traditional concept of housing has been out of date, which has also stimulated people to think about their own living space. Building a house with containers is one of the new ideas. It is green and environmentally friendly, saves time and effort, and is very flexible and changeable. Compared with traditional housing, it can provide more choices for homes, individuals, families and even a community can get what they need. A house made of steel boxes can also be full of fashion and very friendly to the environment.
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