Ultra-modern container mansion, three windows of the world constitute your perfect home

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-12-29
【Abstract] Containers are mainly used to transport goods all over the world, but in recent years containers have been widely used in the construction field. Like Lego bricks, they can be easily combined into people's favorite house shapes, create a comfortable and habitable space. Recently, a container complex appeared at 1090 Rongle East Road, Songjiang, Shanghai, causing widespread concern. What comes into view is the extremely functional space room with a tube and a very thoughtful idea. The two heads of the room are the whole toilet and a 1. The bed on the upper and lower floors with a width of is opposite to the wall with washstand, induction cooker table and wardrobe respectively. A folding table and folding chair are placed on one side of the door. The wall surface, roof and furniture are white, the total area is less than 15 square meters. Australia has been given the title of 'the most livable place' many times because of its beautiful scenery and developed economy. The local stable economy, the rich cultural atmosphere and relatively flat and spacious terrain make the living environment of Australians far exceed their expectations, so 'the most suitable' is not too much. On a piece of land on the outskirts of Melbourne by the architect Maynard in Austin, a small container house with 'big openings' is surrounded by large houses around. However, due to its unique design and ultra-modern appearance, it has not been buried by the surrounding, but is more prominent and is called 'The House '. Obviously, you have been attracted by the three 'windows of the world' of appearance! The gate of this small mansion is open to the community, covering an area of 514 m² square meters and a construction area of 255 m² square meters. Although this kind of transparency is very advanced, families also need to reach a certain level of privacy, so upward shutters are specially installed. The reason why this kind of small mansion is designed is that architects advocate small-space residence, and think that small-space residence can better reflect environmental friendliness and save resources. Through the floor plan of the building, you can find that common solitude is the design concept, and multiple independent rooms run through the living room. Given the structure of the container, the living room is a unique corridor. One side is fully transparent floor-to-ceiling glass, which provides sufficient lighting conditions for the public living room. Multiple sets of fabric sofas are lined up and have extended space; On the other side is a wall splint made of wooden boards to decorate the indoor environment, and behind the door is a bathroom with all white tones. At the end of the living room turned along the wooden splint is a floor-to-ceiling glass window that can see the opposite street. Such a wide view and vision is especially suitable for daily reading and work, therefore, it is very desirable to set up a bar against the wall here. At the end of the other end, facing the back garden of the mansion, there is a small piece of carefully built lawn outside the door, where you can put a set of tables and chairs to enjoy the relaxation of the picnic, and a small private swimming pool, it is a very perfect luxury house configuration. Bounded by the hollow iron ladder between two containers on one floor, one side is a corridor-shaped living room, and the other side is a streamlined kitchen with a multi-functional bookcase dining table, it can be modified and fully utilized, and it is full of creativity. There is also an independent dining area on the side, which is a more antique wooden dining table with ethnic carpets. Along the iron ladder to the second floor is a bedroom made of independent containers with matching bathrooms and bathrooms. The floor-to-ceiling glass window of the bedroom can see the outside scene, the most beautiful high-level scenery is of course reserved for the most beloved bedroom ~ The fashionable furniture design has won the favor of everyone. It is mainly divided into two parts: the bathroom and the bedroom. The interior space is relatively loose, plus a large floor-to-ceiling window on one side, from which bright sunshine is reflected, introducing beautiful natural scenery into the interior, making people and nature more intimate, make the indoor space look particularly comfortable.
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