There are containers in the office? Conference Hall transformed with containers

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-02
【Abstract] The designer used the abandoned container movable house and assembled 20 solar photovoltaic panels on the roof. These 20 solar panels can be folded indoors for flexible transportation. They are used as emergency rescue container offices, remote monitoring points, park keeper stations, etc. This movable container conference room can carry out daily work. There are environmental control devices in the room, which can protect internal personnel under extreme weather conditions. The office mobile house has undergone independent production function tests, proving that it can be used as a power station in emergency situations, such as the hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. Athié Wohnrath designed the joint office of Lew Lara, Mood and ID, and designed to follow the characteristics of each organization, such as the nature of their customers and the nature of their work. Design highlights: container Conference Hall, representing the flexibility and vitality of the organization. The roof area is used as a roof party style outdoor meeting. The shapes of stairs and tables are inspired by the Lew Lara logo. The structure and elements of Mood brand reveal exquisite and modern style, and the design also adopts the same style. Such design not only satisfies young employees, but also caters to fashion style. If you work in such an office, will your friends feel new? The general purpose of containers is to ship them to all parts of the world, but some new uses that very creative people think of will definitely give you an unexpected surprise. Recently, the popular 'simple' interior design has gradually revolutionized itself into 'simple and luxurious'. This kind of interior design has become a new trend that everyone is pursuing. For this reason, let more and more people use the original feeling of containers to to build some very great homes and work places!
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