The spectacular container restaurant 'sits in rows' around the railings, and single dog's most friendly 'dining with the scenery'

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-14
【Abstract] The early stage ruled out the possibility of using actual containers because of size limitation, unstable structure and partial unavailability, but the containers of transport trucks met these conditions, these are all found locally in India. They all run around the building and occasionally connect glass to see the beautiful scenery of the park opposite. The metal sheets are painted in gloomy shades of yellow, red, blue and green. Customized container doors and graffiti by local artists make them look like authentic containers. Single people experience the most profound, the most embarrassing thing is that a person goes out to eat, couples from all directions 'kill', really become pickled fish in minutes (Sour and vegetable and redundant). However, if you come to this restaurant, it will be different, even if a person will instantly become a high-end atmosphere of 'dining with the scenery'! Really too friendly to single dog! Looking at this row of people sitting around the railing is really spectacular! Can't help but think of that song--'Sit in rows, eat fruit . . . . . . '. This is located in the sand deer 【Mi base sail fan Wang Hai evening/night cafe words] The name and slogan are already poetic enough, and the whole is transformed from multiple containers. The most characteristic of this restaurant is its open-air dining area, with railings facing the mountain and tables and chairs along the railings. When the customer is sitting on the seat, there is no object but the Mountain View. When the night falls, the lights of the stars are so beautiful! Of course, the restaurant also has an indoor dining area, otherwise there will be no hiding place when the weather is bad ~ The indoor dining area is a two-story building transformed from multiple containers. A number of wide windows are set on the box, so that indoor customers can also enjoy the mountain view in the distance. The second floor of the building is mainly divided into two parts, one side is a spacious public dining area, and the two containers are connected together. A corner is also specially equipped with a table and sofa made of 'treasure chest', which is more comfortable. The other part is the dining area transformed from only one container, which will pay more attention to the design of the environment. Multiple windows create a sense of sight in the air restaurant, especially suitable for customers who like to enjoy the scenery. When entering, the dual nature makes the user completely surprised, and the expression of the solid container outside gradually dissolves, which is welcomed by a large open space. There is a 30 feet-foot-long bar attached to the dance floor. The stage on the first floor overlooks most of the space. Folded metal stairs will take people to the upper floor. The wall is considered to be a Piet Mondrians painting, with large areas of white making most visible walls broken intermittently by primary colors.
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