The second-hand container construction site collective dormitory will take you to know the commonly used residential containers on the construction site

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-06
【Abstract] Simple and convenient installation of the container mobile room, and the price is cheap, the sound insulation wall is not disturbed, the safety and fire resistance is strong, the seal is good, even if the typhoon comes, it can be moved from a long distance, it is ready to use without any ground Foundation. The mission of Heaven and Earth is to make the world have a home and export to all countries. The container mobile House is cheap, so that everyone can have a home. Dweller shares the second-hand container construction site dormitory for you and takes you to know the commonly used residential containers on the construction site. At the beginning of the manufacturing of the living container, it was designed to meet the needs of the collective dormitory on the construction site. The design of long and wide can be placed inside 4- Five iron beds are paved up and down, leaving a wide aisle in the middle. This specification design enables people to make full use of the space of the living container, and can also leave enough wide passages for people to pass smoothly. This specification is applicable to collective dormitories. Most residential containers manufactured by manufacturers refer to this specification, so the raw materials of residential containers are basically manufactured according to this specification. As a result, the specifications of other types of residential containers have also been limited, usually 6 m * 3 m * 2. 7 meters. 6 yuan/day can rent container house product advantages: 1, quick installation ,? ? 15 minutes installation 1 hour check-in. 2, beautiful and generous, second-hand container transfer at a low price, good safety, good fire resistance, strong wind resistance and strong earthquake resistance. 3, the loss is small, the service life is long, the price of the living container, a container mobile room can be recycled thousands of times, almost zero loss, all kinds of container customization, the life can be as long as ten years. 4, efficient, on-demand, mobile anytime, anywhere, anytime, anywhere, fast. 5, environmental protection, no need to do the Foundation, will not produce any construction waste, is a model of low-carbon buildings. 6, economy, 6 yuan a day rent, very affordable, 18 square meters of beautiful house only 180 yuan a month. Product specifications: standard box: 6 m long, 3 m wide and 2 m high. 7 M, non-standard box: according to the map production. Company business: Supermarket mode rent and sell container houses: clear price rent and sale. The rent is calculated on a daily basis, starting from 6 yuan per day, standard box (Deposit) For each 6000 yuan, the rent will be deducted from the deposit when checking out. The lease term is 120 days, and if it is less than 120 days, it will be calculated as 120 days. The return freight will be calculated as the specification of the living container. For the living container of other specifications, further processing of raw materials is required, so that the purchased raw materials can be used to manufacture special specifications of residential containers. For example, two-person toilet, three-person toilet, five-person toilet, sentry box, etc. These types of residential containers are quite different from other residential containers in specifications and need to process raw materials, so that it can be used to manufacture these special specifications of residential containers. The dwelling dweller comes to create a private custom-made container activity room for you. It is a rare item in everyone's eyes. You deserve to have a living container activity room. The dweller is tailor-made for you, with the progress of the times, the pace of fashion has also followed the growth of easy-to-fold container mobile houses. More and more people begin to attach importance to container houses. How to choose container houses in Haicang district is also particularly important. In response, relevant industry insiders said that when choosing a container house, you should first know whether the enterprise you bought the container house has its own container house production and processing factory, whether it has its own corporate culture and production concept. Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the price of container housing products and the materials used. At present, the most widely used container housing materials in the market mainly use sandwich color steel plates as basic structural materials, the filler in this material is rock wool, because rock wool sandwich color steel plate has good fire prevention, heat preservation and heat insulation effects. Finally, it depends on whether this container housing enterprise has good after-sales service. If you can refer to the above contents when choosing a container house, it will certainly help you choose a more suitable and satisfactory container house. With strict management, rich experience, unique technology and reasonable selection of materials, Dweller container company wholeheartedly creates safe, healthy, environmentally friendly, humanized and high-quality products for customers, provide the most perfect after-sales service to solve problems for customers in the shortest time. Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.
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