The ocean element of the container nightclub, how can the general bar have this temperament?

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-12-20
【Abstract] After the transformation, the containers become independent small rooms; There is a roof on the outside to block the sun and rain. The external bar is faintly visible; Railings, stone floors, iron railings and some scattered tables and chairs made me feel very much. If you don't look inside, this is a beautiful and pleasant courtyard! Think about it, sitting at the bar and drinking cold beer with friends in the hot summer, what a passionate and wonderful thing! Humble abode King takes you to appreciate the marine elements of the container nightclub below. How can a general bar have this temperament? The charming container beer bar consists of four large containers, covering an area of 158 m² square meters, and still has a lot of benefits under the condition of economic and energy saving. Container nightclub Spacefiction studio is designing a high-end nightclub for Hyderabad. According to the customer's requirements, the architect needs to make it fully attractive and hopes to use the sea as the theme element of food and architecture. The architect designed a plan for containers, which is still being revised. At the beginning of the scheme, the possibility of using real containers was excluded. The architect considered, including size restrictions, structural instability and inability to obtain it locally. The outer skin of building steel is corrugated and embedded between the upper and lower I-beams with a thickness of 1 feet. This kind of skin is not the skin of the container that can only be found in the harbor, but the skin of the local transport truck in India. The skin is spread along the periphery of the building, occasionally interrupted, and a few glasses are placed to watch the beautiful scenery of the park opposite. These steel skins are brushed with low brightness yellow, red, blue and green. Local artists imitated the original door of the container and drew the logo on the iron sheet to achieve the realm of chaos. The reorganization of container units brings double-layer attributes to the space: first, the physical attributes of the container itself, supplemented by the virtual space created by large areas of glass, show the feeling of gradual dissolution; Second, the enclosure between the containers creates a volume facing the sky; All these brought surprises to those who entered the building. Inside the building, there is a 13 feet-foot bar connected to a dance floor. The stage on the first floor overlooks most of the space. Two stair steps made of steel plate folding will guide people down the stage. The external volume is transformed into a private space for dining. The central courtyard is surrounded by transparent glass. Through the glass, you can see the wall like Mondrian's painting. The large white skin is used as a solid wall, decorated with various container colors. These white walls are undulating, and the automatic lights adjust the color of the entire space. Most of the glass shells surrounding the central courtyard can slide along the hidden track to ensure that users can fully feel the fun of the artists. At the same time, it also increases the flexibility of space, and can occasionally open the glass space to introduce natural coolness instead of using air conditioning for refrigeration all the year round. It is reported that the elements of the building interior all come from the recycling part of abandoned ships in real life. This includes some windows, steam pipes, anchors, chains, compasses and a Telegraph. Some metal heat sinks are also mounted on a small fan motor to simulate the operation of the propeller. The length of all the walls is approximately 20 feet. The waterproof medium density fiberboard is made into fins that are parameterized on the wall surface to simulate the ripples of the sea. The shape of the sea is printed on the designed cement floor like a postmark. Turtles, mollusks, seahorses and fish fossils add diversity to a single concrete floor.
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