The homestay can also be made like this. The container with a big hole in the brain is transformed into a homestay

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-12
【Abstract] Container was originally a container for transporting goods, but designers turned it into a creative container house. After careful design, this kind of waste container can be perfectly combined with the farm, which can not only utilize waste, but also break through the land limitation of the farm. Not only that, after research, companies such as Freight Farms and Cropbox in the United States have also transformed containers into organic Farms to produce organic vegetables that better meet people's health needs with less space and cost. The dwelling King can share with you that the homestay can also be made into a container with a big brain hole to transform the homestay. It's the mid-autumn festival right away. Is there a lot of people who can't hold their inner joy like me and want to go out and play? Among the many places to play, accommodation has become our first consideration. It is also a different kind of enjoyment to stay away from the city and quietly wander between the blue sky and green space. Today, let's enjoy some alternative homestays. Perhaps most of the homes we imagine are like this. In fact, it is not only the different styles, but also the architectural designers who are new in architectural materials. Container homestay case ▼ container-type box-type structure ▼ modular free assembly ▼ one layer is not enough two layers ▼ two layers are not enough to connect into a row ▼ in addition, some even the construction site is very bold, the appearance design of visitors from outside is just like the interior of a villa in heaven on earth. It must be integrated with nature. ▼ Modular residence hanging on the side of the cliff ▼ home on the cliff the inclination angle of this mountain is 42. The House is to be built on the cliff on the hillside ▼ Pole House, which is high on Australia's famous Ocean Road. the Tula House is located on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean and perches on a cliff more than 13 meters from sea level, So only you dare not think about it, nothing can't be done. The low-rise prefabricated building with blue circle light steel structure is light steel as the load-bearing structure of the building, with thin-wall galvanized light steel keel as the basic material for maintaining the wall structure, and high-quality magnesium cementing material fireproof boards produced by the company are installed on both sides as the inner and outer wall panels, the middle is filled with rock wool or light concrete with thermal insulation and sound insulation performance, and the wall panels of various specifications are industrialized by the factory to form standardized building components, which are quickly assembled on site. Judging from the selection of building materials, the construction and use of houses, the low-rise prefabricated houses with blue circle light steel structure fully embody low carbon, environmental protection and ultra-high Assembly rate. The blue circle folding container house is a kind of building system that has once again hit the fashion trend. It can be moved to various places anytime and anywhere, and can be folded and stacked by itself, bringing people a more comfortable and convenient life. The solar photovoltaic panel can be used for indoor electricity, and the solar water heater can purify the discharge of heating, water supply, indoor shower and domestic water by the sewage treatment system for reuse. According to the number of personnel, can make container houses of different sizes.
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