the drivelines building turned shipping containers into apartments

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From transport retail buildings of footwear brand Puma to homes, pavilions and even extreme sports parks in China, LOT-
EK architecture and design have been redefining how we use containers in our architecture.
Many readers may be familiar with their recent project in Maboneng. The New York-
South Africa-based architects, led by principals Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano, used containers to build possibly the largest residential building in South Africa.
The power system named after the car dealer who used to occupy the Triangle car
On Plot 7 of Albertina Sisulu Road
Part of the Maboneng District is a multi-storey building.
\"The most interesting thing about Maboneng is that it has an impact beyond its pure physical shape,\" City designer Alice Cabaret said in an interview with Design Indaba earlier this year.
\"For example, it helps to change the negative perception of Johannesburg at the local and international levels.
At the same time, it helps to launch a very necessary debate in the transformation of cities in the complex context of academia and the community, like Johannesburg. ”LOT-
EK\'s Tolla explained in a recent Skype call that she and Lignano have been in Joburg for many years, when real estate developer Jonathan Lieberman (
Property of the developer of Maboneng)
Find them to do power transmission.
She explained that where she grew up in Naples, Italy, like Joburg, was violently destroyed,
The income residents of the city have to take advantage of what they have and because of its honesty they have been drawn to Joburg.
\"When a city is honest, the concept of a city becomes stronger.
Joburg is honest, she said, because the ugly place of the city is not hidden from you;
You can move out of the green luxury in the suburbs, walk down the highway and enter the Joburg CBD, where you will encounter fewer greenery and disrepair buildings
It was when they thought about it that they decided that the transmission system would need to be more like a billboard announcing that you would be going into Maboneng.
Most of the outside of the container is the original color and there are large triangular windows on the structure.
All the units in the building are one-bedroom apartments of different sizes.
The floors and exterior walls are insulated and when closed the windows are thick and you can barely hear the traffic noise coming from the outside.
When designing Drivelines, Tolla says, considering that Maboneng is a vibrant and growing area, they want the building to be a super modern one in the city
For LOT la and her team at LOT
EK, the container itself is an incredible object as it is easy to find, easy to move, light in weight and high in strength.
Torah said they wanted to design the power system to make the building as sustainable as possible.
For example, the triangular shape cut for the window is used to reinforce the wall and make a small sculpture for the courtyard area.
Containers can be creative for Tolla as they can be promoted to an amazing structure.
This issue has become an important part of eliminating stigma for their use, especially in places like South Africa where millions of people live in sheds and considering moving into brick houses is a step up.
So while the complex dialogue on middle-class is continuing, Maboneng continues to grow like other middle-class areas in South Africa, Drivelines is an ambitious approach
In areas where people below a certain wage level often feel excluded from the rental market, cost units.
This article first appears at design nindaba.
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