The container cafe with the rooftop in the UK, the Box Cafe at the top of the hotel

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-03
【Abstract] The large panoramic windows create a spacious vision, and indoor activities are as free as outdoor activities. The room is fully covered by air conditioning, so it is a comfortable paradise in hot weather. The container can be found near the bar counter, and the wave board is painted with a scenery full of spring, which is not too much to describe. The glass cabinet on the side is equipped with delicious dessert, which makes people feel more comfortable even for their taste buds. Dweller shares the container cafe with its own roof in Britain and the Box Cafe at the top of the hotel. The cafe is built by containers. The containers are cut into small pieces, painted with different colors of paint, and then welded together in unique shapes, it has formed a modern cafe. Since the name of the store is 'Ocean Box Cafe', it is obvious that 'box' is a container, and 'Ocean' is the glass wall like a water curtain cave. The Driftwood Spars Hotel is located in St Agnes. The picturesque Trevaunance Cove has a full view of The sea and provides four-star hotel service for tourists 【The Crib Shack] The matching cafe this cafe is very distinctive. It is a folding roof with a detachable staircase built by a 20 feet-foot container. The color of the roof is like the blue of the sea. the cafe has three sliding window baffles with stainless steel gas pillars. It can be opened upwards to provide a full range of cafe services. There is also a small door on the side of the box for easy access. In order to ensure the design is seamlessly close to the sea, there is natural in addition to the use of coastal Blues. the wood veneer and industrial brass chandelier lighting make the indoor environment very warm. The small rooftop on the second floor is placed from the iron ladder. The wooden table and chairs are placed on the floor. Customers can order the meal downstairs and eat upstairs. you can watch the vast sea view not far away. Of course, you can also choose to stay under the sunshade in front of the first floor to blow the sea breeze and taste coffee. It is also a very leisurely scene. Water flows from top to bottom through the glass window, brings a sense of realism like a waterfall. Outside the coffee shop are lush plants, while the store provides a leisure umbrella that allows customers to enjoy the scenery under the shade.
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is something that has been around for a few decades now, enjoying it's heyday back in the pre manufactured homes for sale.
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