The concept of container residence is simple and not simple, creative container villa design

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-12-24
【Abstract] When the height limit of the container Villa was solved, the architect focused on the width. To solve this problem, they created a space of up to two containers, but also wider. In that space, they can expand a living area that can extend to the outside through a clever retractable door system. This house has all the facilities you find in a regular house, with different styles and unique shells. With bright colors and green environment, the spirit of youth space is full of fun and joy. The concept of container residence was originally proposed by foreign architects to create a simple way of living. The living space below has not made you shine! Designers want to create larger and fresher living space for young people who cannot afford too high a house price. Different functional spaces, such as offices, family living areas and gathering places, are designed in four containers stacked together. Combined with the flexible and variable characteristics of containers, they are combined in different ways. The room has a reception room, kitchen, bathroom and a foldable bed. The interior is spacious and functional, where residents can enjoy their home time with their families. The container-type intelligent space also has the function of office. The hidden table can be pulled as a reception desk; The folding floor can be set up in the upper meeting room; The use of the upper bed can create a new office space. In addition, it is also an ideal landmark for party lovers. Open the special wall panel and pull out the hidden space. There is quite a spacious space here that can be transformed into a place suitable for social and entertainment activities. The whole design also conforms to the concept of ecological environment protection, surrounded by green plants and with good lighting. The combination of mirror design and metal materials creates an environment that can be fully immersed, allowing residents to enjoy nature and tranquility, and can also sit and share food and talk with friends. Although this kind of building is not yet popular, it has great potential and conforms to the concept of sustainable development. The decomposition of buildings for reservation and on-site installation provides a great opportunity for energy conservation in the construction field. The following Codel House is not only innovative in concept, but also has a small area, simple appearance and complete interior. Living inside seems to be integrated with the nature outside! Because it occupies a small space, it is very suitable for people living in cities with every inch of land and every inch of gold. House by four container combination made which two long 40 feet high 9 feet 6 inch of box not only of the two bedroom also support the three A beams. On the back is a separate hospitality room, which is rebuilt from a third container of the same size. The last 20 feet long and 8 feet 6 inch high container was cleverly designed as an open kitchen facing the living room. The interior of the house looks very beautiful and natural, without any paint painting, retaining the original color of the material. The designer originally planned to paint the top beams, but in the end they chose to keep their original state, which is also to match the Tiger bamboo laid on the floor, making the whole house more integrated.
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