The box theme shows the eclectic commercial space, container commercial center design

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-10
【Abstract] Unique container commercial space design today's consumers, the main force is the new generation of 90, or even 00, they are easily attracted to the unique commercial space design environment, so as to abandon those retail brands that are familiar to them without freshness. The unique commercial space design has become extremely important in today's era. It conveys the difference of brand image to customers and enables them to distinguish the difference between it and its competitors. Dweller shares the eclectic commercial space displayed by the box theme for you, and looks at the container commercial center design below. This group of container commercial buildings brings more than 25 carefully selected fashion and lifestyle retailers, as well as restaurants on the roof terrace of Trump Tower. This is a commercial space project name redefined by containers: TrumpeCadde Commercial Center Project location: Istanbul, Turkey building Category: Commercial Building Design Time: 2013 square meters Building area: 1040 square meters. 0 m² square meters: 2100 square meters. The 0 m² TrumpeCadde commercial center has a total of two floors. Each container unit has its own characteristics and style. It is a characteristic commercial center with full industrial sense. Let's take a look at its unique design concept. The created alley space the location of the commercial center is limited between the two towers. The uniqueness of this area makes the interior of the commercial center create a lot of alleys. In the design, Alley roads and multiple aisles crisscrossed during the period, forming a flexible commercial space. The corridor space of the lane passing by is also used as much as possible to save resources. The concept map the top view of the commercial center breaks the boundary of modularization. There is both semi-open space, there is also a closed space where creative space with its own personality can be found in every corner of the whole project, which benefits from the flexible space created by designers to break the module. There are many open dining spaces in the building group, and there are different designs for different delicacies. The open dining space has different decoration styles, structures and technical steel frame structures, which are matched with the technical layer under the floor, providing flexibility in layout for each unit; The internal height of each module is 3. 0 m. Picture 2 in order to maximize the availability of space, corridors and stairs can be opened in summer to avoid strong sunlight; However, it can be completely closed during the colder period of the year. The interior space of the building the upper and lower floors of the functional building provide different quality arrangements and try to create a unique urban atmosphere. On the first floor of the analysis chart, there are 18 shops and restaurants, providing urban environment, squares, wider alleys, flowing walking experience space and transparent restaurant display experience provided by large glass curtain. Entering the commercial area on the second floor from the outdoor stairs, this is another scene. On the second floor of the outdoor staircase, there are 5 restaurants, and there is a large terrace space, equipped with a variety of green plants and space for people to rest and talk. The design of the terrace on the second floor adopts a unified design method: each unit is similar to the old container folding, sliding and swinging. The roof terrace building detail container exterior wall completely becomes the expressive and functional shell of each unit. With the development of retail formats, immersive customer experience gradually dominates retail formats and becomes the mainstream trend of commercial space design. From technology, materials and lighting to an open social and interactive commercial space environment, they are all serving immersive experience and attracting customers.
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