The application of container house in farmhouse Entertainment, a green and environmentally friendly rural wind container activity House

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-12-18

【Abstract] Container mobile House is a relatively new type of building system, which looks like a container and can be spliced and hoisted directly during transportation, which is very convenient. Therefore, container mobile houses are slowly becoming popular. Container movable house can be reused, easy to disassemble and assemble, superior in performance, stable and firm, good in Shockproof Performance, relatively low in cost, and very safe in house. In addition, the container mobile House will not produce construction waste, and these advantages meet the concepts and design requirements advocated by the Universiade. Container movable house has been greatly sought after among young people abroad and has become a popular fashion. With the fast-paced city life, more and more people begin to yearn for a quiet life style in the countryside, and the farmhouse industry is loved by more people. Who said that farmhouse must be antique when building a farmhouse complex with containers? Adapting to modern development is more meaningful! When the illegal building is demolished, the loss is not big! At the very least, it is green and environmentally friendly, saving time and effort, and very flexible. As far as its high thermal insulation is concerned, it can create a good living environment for field workers to live with heaven and earth. The container movable house has several characteristics: 1.  The whole crane series container house adopts light steel structure system, and the wall surface is covered with composite EPS thermal insulation wallboard. All siding and accessories can be folded and packaged, and the installation is simple, suitable for long-distance transportation and export shipping. High insulation and heat insulation! 2.  The roof, ground and circuit systems are completely prefabricated in the factory, making on-site installation convenient and fast and shortening the time interval from building houses to use. 3.  The steel structure system makes the house have excellent ability to reach 120 km/h wind speed; The light structure makes the house show good integrity when it encounters an earthquake disaster with an intensity of 8 degrees stronger than the earthquake fortification intensity. 4.  Second-hand container houses can be transported as a whole or compressed and packaged.  5.  The basic production on site is small and can be used after being transported to the site. 6.  The house can be recycled and can be used for 20 years without any construction waste during use. 7.  The roof adopts structural waterproof design to enhance the air tightness and water tightness of the house. 8.  When the House leaves the factory, it can be selected according to the actual application. A house made of steel boxes can also be full of fashion and very friendly to the environment. However, there are also some areas for improvement in the container activity room.  Due to the good sealing performance of the container activity room, air conditioning is required to adjust the indoor temperature in summer. We believe that with the progress of the times and science and technology, the development of container mobile houses will be further improved.
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