The appearance of the container board room is rough and delicate, and the container Villa makes you feel the temperament of the local tyrants

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-12-14
【Abstract] These people turn containers into treasures and become their own wonderful and warm home. As long as the use of container movable houses is mentioned in China, the first reaction of 90% of the people in the industry is that they can only be used as construction sites and projects. They have never thought that containers can be transformed into private villas. You are right, yes! It is a private villa. The special style house is a special residential place with a container explosion. It is divided into two floors, two bedrooms above, and an open kitchen and living room below. The humble dwelling King shares with you the rough appearance and delicate heart of the container board room. The container Villa makes you feel the temperament of the local tyrants. This year, a house price problem has made many young talents tired and bent, and they have a white head, suffering from the lack of a house, how many teenagers have no choice but to be forced by their mother-in-law. However, after looking at the homes of the following people, maybe you will also flash and turn into a pure local tyrant with a villa. Container villa you are not mistaken, is the container! These people turn containers into treasures and become their own wonderful and warm home. If you still remember that even Batman used old containers to cover up his secret nest, maybe one day you can also use a container in front of the mountain as your warm nest? At the entrance to the secret nest in Batman: The Dark Knight, let's take a look at the world's luxury homes transformed from containers. 1. Located in Savannah, USA, is the Villa in the first picture on this page. Looking at this modern and bright interior decoration, can you believe that it is all made of waste containers? 2. Located in California, USA, the 'villa' on Lei dongduo Beach is also built by containers, and compared with the one above, it highlights luxury and modernity. The exterior wall can even be folded up to make you closer to nature. This container villa in Quebec, Canada is built of seven containers. 4. The construction of this blue container house in Spain uses 4 containers, located in El Tiemblo, Spain, which is full of exotic atmosphere. 5. The geographical location of the container room in the Mojave Desert in the United States is much harsher than the previous few, because he is in the Mojave Desert in California. 6. Costa Rica and San Jose used two containers and a budget of 40 thousand US dollars. It's much cheaper than buying a house in China, isn't it! 7. The green house in Arizona, USA, is located in Arizona and is built of six containers. It feels very warm and comfortable. Although the container house is only over 30 square meters, the sparrow is small and complete. This container house is equipped with heating, refrigerator, kitchen, living room and even warm fireplace.
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