The 20 ㎡ container has been changed into a single villa with complete functions and a terrace

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-02-09
【Abstract] These people turn containers into treasures and become their own wonderful and warm home. If you still remember that even Batman used old containers to cover up his secret nest, maybe one day you can also use a container in front of the mountain as your warm nest. Melbourne's building design is different from traditional houses. They only use three 'containers' to create a creative Villa. As the saying goes, 'You can't blame the government for your hardship', because it is useless to complain. At this time, it is better to change your life with creativity like the owner in the case. Dwelling dwelling King shared with you a 20 ㎡ container into a single villa with complete functions and a terrace. Containers were first designed to transport goods, but such a large box has also become the home of some people, small and warm, to shield you from the wind and rain. With the increasing population on the Earth, the housing price is rising rapidly, and people's demand for residence is also increasing day by day. Therefore, container houses are popular. The Brooklyn family designed a single-family villa with 21 containers. The villa comes with many functional rooms such as outdoor terrace, underground garage and wine cellar. Diagonal cutting of containers not only changes the Floor Planning nature of houses, but also helps to ensure that people are not noticed by passers-by on outdoor terraces. Keep gaps between the walls and connect them with glass so that sunlight can penetrate the gaps between each wall into the room. Let the room not be too depressed. The container designer at the edge of the cliff spliced the containers together and built them on the edge of a platform on the mountain. The integrity of the container and the lightweight material make the house more stable. The top is also equipped with solar water heaters and other equipment. The deliberately exposed steel beam and the wall of the container naturally form an industrial wind. The holiday house design team on the lake welded six containers together, with light structure and good waterproof property, so that the containers can be placed on the lake for a long time. Climb up the upper floor of the room through the escalator, lean against the seat cushion and look at the calm Lake and distant mountains through the window, thus relaxing both physically and mentally. What can a single container do with more than one box? It can put a double bed, can complete the office, bath, even put the wall, and can also have an outdoor terrace for leisure. Two folding single beds can be pulled out on both sides, and the variability of the container brings us countless surprises.
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