Talking about the safety of container residential quarters

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-17
Let people live in safer container.html' target='_blank'>container houses-- With the development of domestic economy and the demand of exploiting urban construction market, our company produces a large number of container residential quarters, which are widely used in temporary construction of field operations such as roads, railways and buildings; Commercial and other temporary housing. The human container is made of sandwich panels, color steel plates and other materials. Not only shockproof, windproof, fireproof and waterproof, but also long service life, beautiful appearance, good sealing performance, can also move at any time. The light steel flexible structural system is safe and reliable and meets the requirements of building structural design specifications. The house can be disassembled and assembled many times and reused, which is very convenient. The installation process also requires only simple tools. The construction of board houses is connected in rows, while a container house is built by an individual container. The materials it uses are mainly Silicon rock plates and color steel plates, and the performance of this type of container house is much better than that of the board house. Each container is welded and combined, and the simple decoration and floor tiles are paved. The firmness of the structure and the performance of fire prevention, wind prevention and waterproof are also greatly improved, making the structure of the container house stronger, not only can withstand greater pressure and impact, but also can adapt to more environment, in a variety of conditions can be used. When most of the board houses are caught in a fire or typhoon, they are almost always connected by fire, and the whole row of board houses are overturned, but the container house needs to hang away the one on fire, there will be no involvement in other container houses at all. Even in the face of typhoons, there is nothing to fear, because a box has about 2. 5 tons weight. If there are wires and trees nearby during the typhoon, it is still recommended to leave the container activity room. Can meet the construction site of the temporary dormitory, can be built on a large scale, suitable for a large number of resettlement workers, can be built in just a few days to build a sufficient number. Container houses can be used in places with more complex environment, which can more effectively resist the invasion of typhoons, earthquakes, etc. , so that people can live more safely.
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