Talking about the application and recovery of customized container equipment

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-03-18
In order to make our customized container more durable, we must install it according to the specifications when it is installed. What are the specifications of the customized container house? Next, I will introduce you to the customized container device specification with long service life: 1. The steel structure device should be satisfied with the specification requirements, and the welding position should not be lost, and the welding should not be wrong, it leads to unreliability and even cracking in the later period. 2. The wall device should be horizontal and vertical, the caulking should be tightly lubricated, the depth and width of the seam should be common, and the board surface should not be damaged. 3, if it is indoor demand wallpaper, to ensure smooth without bubbles, neat. 4, the ceiling assembly is flat and straight, the gaps are common, the wallpaper is clean and clean, the board surface shall not have a broken site, and the damage to the wallpaper surface during transportation shall be trimmed. 5. The floor slab should be laid with ash and the floor slab with cracks is prohibited from being used. 6. The surface of cement or fine stone concrete should be compacted and pressed, and there are no cracks, peeling, sand, hollowing and other defects. 7. Asbestos tiles must be laid against the wind according to the local wind direction characteristics, and the cornice should be kept straight. The tiles should not have cracks, and the vertical lap length of asbestos tiles should not be less than 100, there is no less than one wave in the horizontal lap, no less than two waves in the small wave, and each asbestos tile is two fixed points. The tile hook should be tightened moderately, and there should be no water leakage on the roof. 8. The white tin gutter joint of the container mobile room shall be welded firmly, and the joint shall be treated with anti-corrosion treatment. There shall be no accumulated water in the gutter, and there shall be no water leakage. The downpipe device shall be vertical and firm, and the hoop spacing shall be 1300mm. 9. The door and window position device is accurate and fastened with bolts. 10. Customized containers can be moved and recycled anytime and anywhere.
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