Taking stock of the past and present of container exhibition halls, container buildings integrate history with modernity

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-09
【Abstract] What is special is that the wheels at the bottom of this exhibition hall can be stopped and walked. It is a portable and mobile exhibition hall in the true sense. After the exhibition is over, close the doors and windows, and the exhibition hall building can walk on the city's Avenue to the next exhibition area. The container facade is based on black, with a circle of white dotted lines in the inner frame, and the name of the exhibition hall is written in the white dotted line. Black and White, a timeless classic color scheme. Humble abode will take stock of the past and present of the container exhibition hall for you, and see that the container building integrates history and modernity. In Pinas, southeastern Brazil (Campinas) City Square, nearby is the famous Bishop's Palace (Established in 1950s) , Held an exhibition on the harmony between environment and architecture. The exhibition will be held between October 22, 2014 and December 7. Its main purpose is to build eco-friendly houses. After the exhibition is completed, the square will be built into the archdiocese museum of Campinas religious art. Mauro Contesini, Roberto Campidelli and DanielGhilardi, three architectural designers, used containers to build an energy-saving and environment-friendly house. The house is composed of two 40-foot containers of blue powder, with a total of two floors. The two colors of blue powder can not only bring people a dazzling and shocking visual effect, but also represent the views of the three architects on architecture, life and faith. Blue represents light in the religious sense; Pink represents life and their love for architecture. Bishop's Palace (Bishop'S Palace) For the city of Pinas, it is an ancient building with sacred significance. Container Architecture is a brand-new architectural form in the field of architecture, which represents the infinite development direction of architecture in the future. From ancient architecture to modern architecture, architecture has been moving towards progress and light. In order to better integrate the 'ancient and advanced' architectural concept, architectural designers prefer the retro classic design style in the interior of the house. The interior has natural lighting, different areas have different simple beauty, soft and natural interior, all of which show the traces of perfect integration of history and modernity. The Egyptian crystal chandelier on the second floor makes the house look more elegant, while the laminate flooring on the platform brings another natural and simple beauty. In addition to emphasizing the beauty of retro and modern integration, comfort and functionality are also important elements that architects have not forgotten. This container building has become a perfect sample of environmental buildings from recalling the past to showing the future. Although its space is limited, its spiritual design gives us more infinite thinking on architecture, environment and even history. The first automatic door opening was made on the container to show everyone the internal structure of the container; There is a second door next to it. After putting it through the button, people can stand on it freely, which has become a folding extended stage; The third door opened, and there is a skylight in this area. Through the elevator, this is a liftable Terrace.
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