swanky shipping container home is the brilliant result of up-cycling

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-11-02
Is this a container or a penthouse?
Technically, neither is it. It\'s a 2,192-square-
This further proves that all of our lives are completely wrong.
The house is in Denver and is made of seven containers, just like the transport car you found on the cargo ship.
However, this home is not like a pile of abandoned steel, but it is impossible to luxury in it.
This is the brilliant result of up-
Circulation, that is, the process of turning discarded materials into something of higher value.
In this case, its value is much higher.
Take a look at the photos below.
LoHi container house (
Which is 3538 Pecos Street)
Listed through Denver\'s Proform Real Estate
Headquartered in a management company, $749,000.
Spokesman Aaron Weinzapfel told HuffPost that there was no offer, but agents and potential buyers showed interest in the property.
In other words, the offer is still open for us.
We have little control over our excitement.
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