Structuralist soundscape art installation in container

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-12-10
【Abstract] This year, instead of designing several independent exhibition halls as in previous years, a group of large container buildings were built, which formed a whole internal area around them. The bar and cargo gallery have not changed and have become the starting point of the new design. All the containers are arranged in an approximate right angle shape, forming an internal area around them, creating a U-shaped building. Each open container can not only serve as a retail space, but also serve as a warehouse, exhibition area or seat area to support the general activities of the venue. The project spreads art and culture in contemporary society, adopts the ancient Stonehenge structure and promotes the exchange of ideas. As Basel art fair approaches in 2016, Swiss artist Zimoun borrows simple materials and common industrial items, in an old container, a brand-new structuralist soundscape art installation called '317 DC motor, paper bag and container' was created, which can make the audience feel personally. The interior of the container is decorated with hundreds of brown paper bags. Visitors enter the interior of the container through an opening on the floor of the container. Entering the internal space, the small sounder surrounds the visitors layer by layer, allowing them to be completely immersed in this three-dimensional installation work. Thousands of paper Sounders make creaking, mumbling, rustling and crisp sounds, which are mixed together to form wonderful audio. A large number of sounding machines, each running independently, create a mixed audio, each audio can almost never be completely copied. Each paper bag is equipped with an engine>>>> After visitors enter the inner container of the container through an opening on the container floor and place it in the specified position, their North and South outer surfaces are painted with bright orange, with bright colors and signs at the entrance. The ground in the inner area is covered with sand, forming a beach equipped with folding recliners. In addition, there are islands made up of black boxes of different heights, and all the boxes are surrounded by a tree, formation is the central area of the entire building complex. Buildings give priority to ecology, such as solar collectors placed on roofs, collected energy can be provided to music studios, green walls built with fresh plants, these plants can be provided for bars and restaurants. '
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