Special hotel for container residence, box house for $80 a night

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-12-25
【Abstract] Container houses are mainly divided into two categories according to their uses, of which the resident container movable houses on the construction site can account for 80% of the market demand. In addition, there are container-style buildings, including container Villas, container hotels, container hotel apartments and some high-end products. The price of the container varies greatly according to the selected container housing materials, technology and decoration degree. The cheapest container house can be bought in 5000 yuan, while the high-grade one needs 30 thousand yuan. I have a container activity room price from low to high. According to the current exchange rate of US dollar to RMB, US $80 is about 550 RMB a night, which is a better four-star hotel. But what kind of reasons will make tourists abandon comfortable star hotels and choose a hotel that is only transformed from containers? This is a special hotel in Gainesville, Florida, called 'Caja Verde', one mile from UF and downtown. It is transformed from a recycled container apartment. After various reinforcement and heat insulation treatments, it is transported to the building site and then combined together to form a livable apartment. The apartment has a usable floor area of 400 square feet and is open loft style. Living in seclusion in the bushes, it has a rich natural atmosphere. The container hotel costs $80 a night per apartment and can accommodate two guests. There is a small wooden deck in front of the apartment, which is surrounded by the original revolving door of the container. You can sit between a stool and enjoy the scenery when you are at leisure. The indoor style caters to the surrounding environment, and some retro feelings make people more comfortable, which is also a 'combination of inside and outside' that star hotels cannot reach '. The two combined containers are respectively set as the bedroom and the living room. There is no obvious boundary in the middle, only a container wave board is deliberately reserved on the top. Each apartment is equipped with toilet, sink, oven, microwave oven, refrigerator, coffee pot and other basic kitchen supplies that can be used for simple cooking to meet the basic living needs of residents. Folding container houses have emerged in the last two years and originated from abroad. Domestic folding houses are referenced, imitated and improved on the basis of foreign products. The price is more in line with the current consumption level of construction sites. The price is 8000 yuan-12000 yuan. The reason why the price is more expensive than that of ordinary containers for people living in construction sites is that the transportation cost can be saved, and a 17-meter-long large trailer can transport 30 sets.
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