Space Folding derived from containers to find reuse potential of waste containers

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2019-12-13
【Abstract] Some second-hand containers are used for warehouses to put things, and some are converted into houses, container Villas, etc. In recent years, container buildings have generally increased, and then they are used as cargo owners to bring their own boxes for export, one-time out will not come back, and then there is the car as a means of transport, some high-demand goods can be transported by container, sealing is also better. Dweller shares the space folding derived from containers for you to find the reuse potential of used containers. In order to find the reuse potential of waste containers in public space, to find a new function for these discarded containers, and to integrate with the local natural scenery, the building consists of 6 recycling containers, 3 as viewing platforms and 2 as temporary exhibition halls. The design adopts a simple stacking or linear arrangement method, and try to design him as a sculpture-style building, with a legacy of the big industrial era; The angles of the three containers are arranged at different angles. Visitors can choose different heights according to their own preferences and can watch different scenery along the stairs. This is a container transformation project located in the Orenda tribe of Chongming, Shanghai. The original base is on an open grassland, surrounded by no houses, which makes the container appear isolated, and the internal narrow space is cramped, this makes the project very challenging. △ The original building container is made up of ten boxes in a patchwork way. The seemingly simple box needs to design a unique aesthetic design appeal. Only by boldly breaking through the appearance of the container and then expanding to the outer space, let the closed box have a shadow, that is, expand a virtual box, expand the use area, and the function is satisfied. The virtual boxes overlap to form the contrast between the virtual and the real, and the light and shadow fall into the Louver box, thus creating a poetic beauty, allowing each container to regenerate a virtual Louver box, thus creating a high and low strewn at random, interspersed and superimposed, the box produces a modern architectural sense and a sense of the future, becoming the main theme of an architectural picture, making it even better! The color of the whole building group is composed of white and wood color, and the light wood color with white gives people a clean, simple and modern visual sense; Combined with the green background of the surrounding earth, the whole building and nature are particularly coordinated and complement each other. The whole building is three floors, and the first floor is for display reception; The second floor is for simple meals, coffee and tea; The third floor is office, conference and business. The whole design line conforms to nature, one step at a time, the elements of Zen and the modern minimalist fit, making the whole style in one go. The indoor and outdoor are connected together, and the creativity subverts the tradition, making the building shine from the inside out! The characteristics of the container building itself can exactly make up for these shortcomings. The seaside holiday house transformed by the container can be easily assembled and transported with the help of the stability of the container itself, it can be disassembled and transported after the use season.
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