Small houses are converted into mobile restaurants, Japan's multi-functional container restaurants

by:WELLCAMP, WELLCAMP prefab house, WELLCAMP container house     2020-01-26
【Abstract] Container movable plank house is a relatively new building system at present. It looks like a container and can be spliced and hoisted directly during transportation, which is very convenient. Therefore, container movable plank houses have gradually become popular in some areas, especially among young people in Western developed countries. Due to the good sealing performance of the container movable board room, it is necessary to continuously turn on the air conditioner to maintain a more comfortable space in summer, so attention should be paid to the use in summer. Of course, we also believe that with the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, the development of container movable houses will be further improved. Life is not easy, everyone has several jobs. In Chiba Prefecture, Japan, there is an Italian chef who has transformed his container house from a small house to a convenient mobile restaurant. He has become his own boss and has reached the peak of his life! The structure of this container house is slightly different from the usual one. Two containers are used to fix the style of the central space through the bridge construction method, and the entrance is just in front of the building. The containers on both sides have a white shell and a small window on the wall of the container, which looks very fresh. The bottom of the container is raised and built with a solid foundation to make the building more durable. The 20 feet-foot containers on both sides realized 4-The use area of 5 containers. The reason why the connecting wall is designed is that it is hoped to live at a low cost while taking into account the comfort. The main entrance is a fully transparent one-way glass push door. This design will make the interior very bright. It Also uniquely designs small windows, even if the door is closed, the window can be opened for ventilation. It can be seen that the indoor environment is still in the process of renovation, and a simple folding bed is placed in the middle of the hall. The small space on the left will become an Italian kitchen in the future, where daily diners can communicate through the large window on the wall of the box. On the right will be the toilet and warehouse, and the center will be the dining area. For heat insulation, foam polyurethane is sprayed on the surface of the wall to provide a comfortable environment. Containers have changed the world in the 100 years since their birth. It makes transportation more convenient, reduces costs, accelerates the speed of logistics, promotes trade between countries, and opens up economic development. The use of container house is not only in transportation. The author of the United States said in 'containers change the world' that the value of container, a practical thing, is not what it is, but how he was used.
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