Shock! These container house unexpectedly can save so many lives



Since the Coronavirus outbreak in China, the situation is much worse than we thought, the Coronavirus spread seriously all over the world. 

According to the WHO report, the plague has caused 1,300,000 infection and 70,000 deaths, 211 countries, areas or territories with cases.

Last two months, China had a large number of patients, cities closed, Insufficient medical supplies. After two months, China controlled the situation. 

In China, from Jan 11 to 2:00am CEST, 7 Apr 2020, there have been 83,071 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 3,340 deaths. Much less than Europe

and united states.One may wonder why China can control the virus so quickly, analyzations found that there is also a shortage of medical supplies, 

but China had more hospitals to treat patients and allow them to continue medical observation and isolation. 


China used container house to build container hospital, clinic, isolation room. Connected the container houses together into a sheltered hospital, call cabin 

hospital or Container hospital in China. It took 10 day to build a hospital, with 1000 sickbed inside, including ICU room, operating room, isolation 

room, medical room, etc. Only after 8 day , first 7 patients were cured.


WELLCAMP container house can also be used to combined a hospital , using Flat Pack container house, Folding Container house and 

Expandable Container house.

Folding container house: 2.5m*5.8m*2.6h per room, 40mm Fireproof IEPS panel for wall and 100mm Glass wool for roof. 4minutes &4steps for 

one house fixing. High quality Fire prevention, heat insulation and waterproof.


Flat Pack Container house: 2.425m*5.9m*2.8h per room, 40mm Fireproof IEPS panel for wall and 100mm Glass wool for roof. Come with completed 

roof and floor. It can combine to larger area. High quality Fire prevention, heat insulation and waterproof. The best choice to build a temporary hospital.


Expandable Container house: 5.8M*5.894M*2.5H per room,50mm EPS panel for wall and 50mm EPS for roof.  5 step and 4 worker install one room 

within 4 hour. Fast installation and convenient for transportation.


Wellcamp is one of the best Container house supplier in China, more than 15 years experiences in prefab housing area. over 60 countries to export ,more than 

10,000 square meters to oversea every month.Being good brand in China, Complies with EU certification, ISO, ,ASTM, UL,BV,SGS and so on.


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